About the Institute

Siberian Institute of International Relations and Regional Studies was established in June 1, 1998 in Novosibirsk. It is a unique higher institution of Siberia, which prepares specialists in the sphere of international relations, oriental studies, political science, foreign languages, diplomacy, international and national security, world politics. Our Institute is a member of Educational and Methodical Association of Russian higher institutions on the course: "International Relations".

Our Institute provides a wide opportunity for getting the first as well as the second higher education diploma on various courses, levels and forms. The Institute offers Bachelor's, Master's, post-graduate courses. Students can study full-time, part-time or choose a distant form of education. Graduates are issued with state diplomas.

Our Institute conducts a serious research work. It has wide international contacts. Our lecturers are highly qualified. Leading Russian and foreign politicians, diplomats and scientists make a speech before our students.

The main distinctive feature of the Institute is that our graduates show deep knowledge in the sphere of international relations based on traditions of the Russian Higher School. Moreover, the level of our graduates' education meets the international educational standards.

The Institute provides advanced training courses, the Higher School of Politics, translator's courses, International Lyceum, and training courses for the Common State Exams.

Our graduates assume posts in public service and business. They show their worth in the diplomatic sphere, governmental structures, the Parliament and regional legislative assemblies, in institutions of local governing, banks, mass media, etc.